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Cyber Security in Talking

General recommendations

Використання соціальних мереж та мобільних додатків
Як захистити свою цифрову репутацію?
Як захистити себе від зловживань під час онлайн-ігор?


Do you spend more than 5 minutes online per day? Then find out about the latest games, programs, and social networks. Also, learn how to protect your information and report unacceptable content or privacy policy violations

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Reporting a Problem

If you encounter problems on the Internet or become a victim of cybercrime, you need to report it. In this section, we will show you who to contact in various online situations.


Many terms and phenomena of the digital world are new to citizens. Therefore, we have developed a dictionary where you can find explanations for many terms, from "deepfake" and "cyberbullying" to "VPN" and "phishing".

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