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About the national Cyber ​​Gate project

We want every Ukrainian, both men and women, to be able to safely use the online world for education, work, entertainment, and daily life.

To achieve this, we have created the Cyber Gate project, which will help learn how to safely navigate the network, prevent and counteract criminal activities on the Internet, and not become victims of hostile propaganda. 

Through the portal, you will learn how to safely use modern digital technologies, social networks, online platforms, and applications, as well as learn about the existing risks in cyberspace.

Сurrent challenges

We aim to inform Internet users about current threats and challenges online.

Practical recommendations

We have developed practical recommendations to help internet users acquire skills for safe internet usage and cyber hygiene.

Guidebook about online technologies

We have compiled information about the latest games, programs, and social networks, as well as how to protect your information and report unacceptable content.



The project will provide useful and up-to-date information on various aspects of cyber hygiene, such as phishing protection, communication encryption, safe browser usage, and Wi-Fi networks security, etc. All materials posted on the website are developed by cyber security experts.



The project ensures easy access to cyber hygiene information for various demographics: students, entrepreneurs, government officials, educators, parents, military personnel, activists, etc. We strive to use simple language to facilitate the understanding of complex technical aspects.



The project provides opportunities to always receive verified and up-to-date information from experts in Internet security.

Project partners